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EDrawings 64bit in VB6 applications

Question asked by Ramkumar Prabakaran on Jan 28, 2015



I have recently uninstalled the 2013 version and installed the trial 2015 version to explore the latest functionalities. We have to use the edrawings control in the vb6 application.

We have downloaded the edrawinghostcontrol project and tried using the library in vb6 in order to open and print the file.

But we are getting the exception saying retrieving com class factory failed for class id "{1ed92ed7-2f25-44d1-b6e2-7fa264356eb6}".  We tried compiling the applications as edrawinghostcontrol  project as  "x86 and Any Cpu" in project properties. but still we get the same error. Any help is appreciated.