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Design table doesn't update on rebuild

Question asked by J. R. on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2015 by Poorvesh Mistry

Hi all,


I have a very large assembly and I'm now trying to use Design Tables instead of Global Variables and inter-part equations to reduce rebuild times.


What I've done is this:


There is an external Excel MASTER workbook which allows user to input values which are fed into SolidWorks assembly, and also reads some other values from SW.


Most of the parts in the assembly have their own design tables, which read values from this external MASTER workbook.


Now, by my idea, I should open MASTER workbook, change values as desired, close it (or keep open), open SW, let each part's workbook read those values from MASTER, rebuild assembly, and export values back to MASTER workbook. Afterwards, I open up MASTER workbook to see results.


Now, the problem is that part's workbooks update on MASTER workbook, even though their values are linked (like ='[!MASTER.xlsx]MT!$C$3 ). If I open up each and every one of those little workbooks and close it again, they update. But that defeats the purpose.


How can I force each workbook of each part to update with MASTER on rebuild? I've tried Ctrl+B, Ctrl+Q, even downloaded full rebuild macro. Nothing works.


Any advice?