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How do I create a new part from scratch in the Toolbox from scratch and keep the configurations?

Question asked by Danny Bradford on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by Daen Hendrickson



I have learned all I can find on the subject of Toolbox. I can edit existing toolbox parts, download from 3D Content, add custom properties and see them chase into the solidworks part. I want to stress that I have spent the last few days learning and trying so I am coming to you all only after much investigation.


I have parts which have configurations and work great in Solidworks as a normal part. I would like to import them into the Toolbox but when I do it states that there are no configurations available. It seems to be based on the "Standard Properties" but for the life of me I cannot add anything to this standard properties list.


Perhaps this is not possible? All I need is a direction to look and I will be good.


Solidworks 2013 and ePDM 2015. I do want to have the Toolbox data in ePDM if at all possible.


Thanks in advance for your time,


Danny Bradford