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Configuration Trouble - Same Feature with different dimensions for different configurations I wa

Question asked by Pieter Richter on Jan 28, 2015
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I want to make different versions of part so that I have one version for each type of fitment, but I do not want multiple parts. (so that most modifications to the primary configurations will change the sub configurations) (at the end after the photos I explain where I get stuck in this procedure)


My current approach:

Make one primary Default configuration of which I make 2 or more derived configurations. The derived configurations will be where there are slight changes to some feature dimensions for other fittings.


With the Solidworks tutorial with the hinge I remember we suppressed and unsuppresed features in between parts, but that way I will have lots and lots of features if I only want to change small dimensions on a current existing feature.


For example I have allot of cutouts on the same level all over the part and this area in the photos is only of those cutouts, so I used one function to cut all of them originaly. If I have to suppress this function I will also suppress other areas of my Part that I do not want to.

Here is how my current version 1 looks for a specific generator 1 to fit through:


Here is how the version 2 looks where I want to fit a generator 2 through:



Both are from the same feature. but when I change the feature sketch on configuration 2 it also changes on configuration 1. How can i make it change only on configuration 2 and keep the same dimensions of the sketch for configuration 1?

This should be possible as on the solidworks help page I fount this: where it states multiple configurations that have different sizes of the same feature. But I can not find how to do it.


Use configurations to create different versions of a part. Features are different from one configuration to another. For example, you might create:

  • A simplified configuration with some features suppressed.
  • Multiple configurations that have different sizes of the same feature.
  • Configurations that use different materials

Any help would be much appreciated

I run Solidworks 2011