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How to ask a good question in the API forum

Discussion created by Keith Rice on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by Todd Blacksher

Many people are happy to help you use the SolidWorks API. Here's how to ask a question that will benefit you and others:


A. Keep it short, simple, and to the point


  1. Your first sentence should state your question or summarize your problem.
  2. Questions with lengthy explanations are less likely to be answered. One paragraph should be sufficient.
  3. Use a bullet or number list to convey details. They're easier to read that paragraphs.
  4. Break complicated problems down into smaller problems and post about each problem separately.


B. Share the minimum amount of info necessary to completely convey the problem


  1. Please post any relevant code. If you do post code:
    1. Only include code that is necessary to repeat the problem.
    2. Your code should compile. Do not post a code snippet that others are forced to complete in order to test.
  2. If you're getting an error message, share that error message and what line it occurs on.
  3. If your problem occurs only under a certain situation in SolidWorks (e.g., when a particular type of feature is selected):
    1. State specifically what that situation is.
    2. Include the simplest possible model that includes that situation, if necessary.


C. Use good, proof-read English


  1. Non-native English speakers are not expected to use perfect English, but those who make a good effort are more likely to be helped.




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