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Please tell me when/where/why I would use Camera Views?

Question asked by Andrew Taylor on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by Adrian Velazquez

I use Composer solely to produce animated work instructions for assembly technicians. Literally every single one of my Composer projects is a series of views wherein I set the actor position and visibility, then add the company logo and some text that says "use the four bolts to secure the widget to the other thing," and drop in Composer's standard view controls for next/previous view. Clicking "Next" returns the four bolts (or whatever) to their neutral position, thus "animating" the assembly process.


My boss was reviewing one of these projects the other day and said he'd rotated the model to the back and zoomed in on a specific item, then clicked "Next" and was disappointed that the model spun back to it's neutral position and the zoom level I'd set for the view before animating the next step (i.e. moving the bolts or whatever). He suggested looking into camera views for future projects.


So now I've looked into them, and frankly I have a hard time seeing where they'd be useful, since EVERY view I make has the actors' position and visibility defined specifically for that view. I'm sure there's a good use-case for camera views, but frankly I don't know what it is.