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    DXF and DWG problems

    David Boydston

      Hi, I couldnt find anything relating to this particular problem in the forums, so Imma start this thread:

      Everytime I save a solidworks drawing as DXF or DWG, either the dimensions get messed up or the page format gets messed up. I dont know how to fix this! I've tried 1:1 out put and not the 1:1 output, I've tried different options too but I cant seem to find a good way to save my Solidworks drawings to DXF/DWG.


      We had a serious issue because one of the drawings was missing a dimension, and if you asked Draftsight to give you the dimension of a hole it said it was .180 but in reality it was .120

      The scaling got messed up when it got trasferred to DWG/DXF format. So if the dimension is not specifically called out, theres no way of knowing what it is. This is a recurring problem, sometimes the dimensions are right, but I end up with something like this: (PDF on left, draftsight DXF on right)



      The format is all messed up and I cant find a way around it.

      Can anyone help me set the options so that the DXF and DWG look exactly like the Solidworks Drawing / PDF.