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Exporting txt from an external file driven note into an excel spreadsheet

Question asked by Zac Evans on Jan 27, 2015

I've found myself in an interesting predicament here. short story is this, i need to export a BOM into an excel spreadsheet for 300 different assembly drawings keeping them separated by the title block description of the drawing. in other words they would like an excel sheet with all of the materials that go into all the stations of a line, broken down by each station and zone. Which i've found is very do-able via macro's i've found.


Here's the problem though. The machine was built by an external vendor 6 years ago and all of the drawings and assembly files were created by them as well. The BOM in all the drawings are imported from an excel sheet they had and linked the note to said sheet. the spreadsheet it's linked to is not available, so now i can't even edit the text of the BOM note. attached is a photo of what i'm talking about any help on this would be awesome, seeing as i can't even go in and copy the text manually to enter it into a spreadsheet. so basically anything would be better than having to manually retype all of the BOM.


I can't access anything from right clicking it, or any of the properties either.