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Equation Comments Delete Spaces Around SOME Words?

Question asked by Bill Schmid on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by Bernie Daraz

I put some equations and global variables in my SolidWorks 2013 model.  In trying to add comments, I've noticed that SolidWorks won't accept the words "and" or "not" and it won't accept the apostrophe.  So "don't" becomes "dont".  And you can't use "do not" because "do not move" becomes "donotmove".  The phrase "this and that" becomes "thisandthat".  It won't leave "or" alone, either.


Why is SW messing with comments?  I understand the words it messing with are logical operators, but they're in comments.  And what's with the apostrophe?  Is there a prefix at the beginning of a line I need to put in to force it to ignore certain characters?