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16s delay when deleting sketch entities

Question asked by Aron Saint-Aubin on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by Jeff Pruet

Hello, anyone experiencing a delay when deleting sketch entities (lines, points, curves, etc.)? I am getting a 16s delay every time I delete something within a sketch. This seems to happen after I open a medium size assembly (244 parts, 49 unique parts, 159 mates) and then I open a single part within the assembly and try to either modify or create a new sketch. The assembly is a sheet metal enclosure with pem fasteners...I removed all external referencing and I'm still having the problem. Tried moving the assembly from the server to my local drive, same problem. It even happens after I start a new part, save it locally, then start sketching. Any suggestions? Thanks! Aron


Version: SW 2015 64-bit SP1.1

OS: Win7 Pro

CPU: Z800 workstation Intel Xeon CPU X5550@2.67GHz (2 processors)

Memory: 24GB

Drive: SSD 107GB free