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Metadata - how to be more controlling

Question asked by Gerald Davis on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by Gerald Davis

I don't always want my SMG to propagate information found in my SLDASM. For example, I might want to post a SMG on the forum for "helpful friendly" but not want anybody else to know what compelled me to design/develop/invoice/source regarding the mechanism under review.


Question: How to strip all (or selectively) metadata out of a smg? How to replace many metadata entries with others from a template? What other outputs from Composer propagate the metadata that is pulled in with the surface info?


My understanding:

Solidworks terminology: File Properties

Composer terminology: Metadata


The SMG gets its metadata from the File Properties in the SW sldasm/sldprt.


I can generate a SMG from SW with File>Save As or from Composer by importing from 3D CAD file. If the controls for the metadata are there, I missed them.