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How do you define a distance mate between a cylindrical part and other parts?

Question asked by Douglas Kimber on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by Douglas Kimber

I have a model with a cylindrical surface whose movement I want to keep between two other components - one a rectangular tube and the other a round tube. I tried using a distance limit mate, but that seems to honor only one end of the limit. You can drag the movable part right through the rectangular tube, but it stops as you would expect at the other round tube. I've attached a simplified example file. Additionally, in my actual model, I see the following error messages:



First, you can't read the entire error message because it is overwritten with the names of the components in the mate (at least this message stayed around long enough you could read most of it - I've had other messages disappear so fast Evelyn Wood could not read them!), but aside from that, you cannot follow the recommendation because there is no way to change the alignment setting as it suggests:



I've attached a simplified example of the system I am trying to model. I can drag the middle bar down through the lower left corner of the frame, despite the distance limit that is supposed to prevent that. Additionally,when I play with the model I end up with the limit mate breaking and going red.


Anyone have suggestions on how to limit the travel between these components without breaking the mates?