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Terminal strips with jumpers as one circuit.

Question asked by Andrew Van Dam on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by Johnathen Lieber

I am relatively new to SWE and trying to understand how terminals and jumpers work.


The typical terminal block we use at work as two primary screw connections and a center connection for a bus bar. These bus bars allow you to use a bank of terminals for power distribution or multiple signal connection. However when I draw a schematic in SWE i cannot work out how to use the jumpers in the same way, it appears as though the jumpers are just wires connected to the main terminals as opposed to making use of the bus connection that i expected to be typical.


This may be a case of having my workflow wrong, i should be defining my terminals before adding them to the schematic. But will this then maintain my equilibrium for flow etc. Any assistance or clarification would be appreciated as I am feeling a little lost and frustrated at this point.