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Sketch projection using convert entities - how to chose normal plane ?

Question asked by Nick Mulder on Jan 26, 2015
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Say I have a sketch on the front plane and a circle drawn on a reference plane that is at an arbitrary angle to the front plane. My task is to project the circle (which will be an ellipse once projected) on to the front plane sketch for use in that sketch.


Using Convert Entities I can project the circle, however the projection is as normal to the front plane but I need the projection to be normal to the plane the circle is drawn on... The outcome is that the resulting ellipse is 'tall' instead of 'flat' (if that doesn't make sense don't worry, if it does, then you're likely understanding what is going on).


If I extrude the circle to the plane the original sketch is on I can see the shape I mean ! Quite frustrating as I have no idea how to 'extract' it from there on to the other sketch.


As I have just described, eventually the circle is going to be an extrusion that meets up with an extrusion defined by the original sketch, I'm just trying to make the original sketch already be the shape that the circle extrusion will make when it 'hits' the original sketch extrusion.


Just learning Solidworks, it does some amazing things so easily, then stuff like this, which I assume (incorrectly?) should be so basic, is very hard to see. Likely it's too easy and I missed some critical function or concept.


Any help appreciated.