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Sort Configurations by Length

Question asked by Lucas Gingery on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by Bernie Daraz

Scenario:  At my work we use parts with a large design table full of configurations (some have over 1000 part numbers in the table).  Each configuration is randomly given a part number that is not in any particular order in relation to its length.  Due to a PDM software we use, we need to have the configuration name be only the part number.


Question:  When you right click on a part and use the drop down to select a configuration, is there any way to have SolidWorks sort the configurations by a field other than configuration name?  In the picture you can see a sample of what I am talking about, but it is much more cumbersome to change configurations when the list is hundreds of random parts that are not in a sensible order.  If they were sorted by length it would be so quick and easy to change between length configurations.

select configuration.jpg