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    Sort Configurations by Length

    Lucas Gingery

      Scenario:  At my work we use parts with a large design table full of configurations (some have over 1000 part numbers in the table).  Each configuration is randomly given a part number that is not in any particular order in relation to its length.  Due to a PDM software we use, we need to have the configuration name be only the part number.


      Question:  When you right click on a part and use the drop down to select a configuration, is there any way to have SolidWorks sort the configurations by a field other than configuration name?  In the picture you can see a sample of what I am talking about, but it is much more cumbersome to change configurations when the list is hundreds of random parts that are not in a sensible order.  If they were sorted by length it would be so quick and easy to change between length configurations.

      select configuration.jpg

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          Jamil Snead

          The only thing I can think of is to change the configuration name to be the length followed by the 3 digit number.

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            Daen Hendrickson



            The RMC selection list you want sorted - is that generated in Configuration Publisher? I am running SW2013 SP3 and config pub doesn't create that type of list.

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              John Burrill

              Luke, instead of using the configuration list-the format of which is not editable-I suggest creating a Property Page for your component which allows you to specify a configuration for a part using parameters like length.


              You can add a property page to any component with a design table using the configuration publisher-which is access through the configuration manager:


              The online help explains how to use the configuration publisher interface to cnostruct the property pages.

              When you've finished specifying the parameters you want to configure and saved the part, it will display the property page when inserted or dropped in an open assembly Window.

              You can also access the property page from the quick access toolbar when you click on the component:config_publisher2.png

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                Bernie Daraz

                I have a set of configurations like yours for rail tubing systems, I use the length as the configuration name. There is no other name. I copy an existing configuration and paste it, then edit it. I use a property for the length, 'bossextrude1' (I think) so the length moves to the BOM or cut list with no additional work. In first looking at your list I thought you could use 'eighths' of an inch for the length. (Then 666 and 777 were not) So a 12.5" length could have been configuration 100, 8.75 would have been 30 for example. Then again I would rather have data displayed for me, not create a situation where I have to look for something. Even in my own case here, a calculator to find the length.