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How to apply a subsoil properties to component

Question asked by Shiva Kumar Bairoju on Jan 27, 2015
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Here i was trying to a structural building analysis for this i have to fix the building base in soil ..but here in material proprieties i didn't find any soil proprieties to apply so is there any other options to do this...How to apply a soil proprieties to components in Solid works simulation.




Simulation work

Concrete pavement Thickness h1 = 270 mm

Young´s modulus E1 = 30 000 N/mm²


Unbound base layer Thickness h2 = 150 mm

Young´s modulus E2 = 400 N/mm²


Subsoil Young´s modulus E3 = 120 N/mm²

(Frost protection layer and subsoil)


Poison ratio u =1/6

Single wheel load Q= 50,000N

Contact pressure p=0.7 mm²

Assume Service Life = 30 years


Find out

1) Stress

2) Deformation behavior

3) Strain