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    stop drawing description from linking to assembly description

    Josh Killalea

      after a quick search, i see that this is a very frequently requested thing to happen, linking the assembly/part description to your drawing description, but is there a way to stop it?


      what i want to do is to enter a description into the drawing files description field and have my sheet format pick up that description via $PRP:"Description".


      what is happening at the moment is the description field in the drawing is taking the description from the first view placed in the drawing and using that. so if i place a view of the main general arrangement in the drawing first then the $PRP:"Description" for that drawing displays "main general arrangement" and over writes the description i put in the drawing file's description field.


      i can't rename the main general arrangement description to suit the description for the drawing as we use the GA in most of our drawing sets and we also use the GA description in the browser, feature  tree, etc.


      i see plenty of people who want drawings to work this way, but that make me think there must be a way for it to not work like this. i can only assume it is either a new "update" to always function like this as so many people wanted it to, or, it's a setting we have set that others haven't?


      any help would be greatly appreciated.