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Does Cosmos make use of dual core, dual processors etc

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on May 9, 2007
Latest reply on May 15, 2007 by Brian Hoerner
Sent a message to my var, got a somewhat answer back, so I thought I would post here, I am taking some time to look at the archives but thought I would ask anyway just in case someone wants to offer info

IT is buying a workstation for Cosmos use specifically, they ask:
" Does Cosmos take advantage of dual processors? What about dual core and quad core, any advantages in any of these?" "What is the best setup of processor and ram?"

The answer from my Var:
"Yes COSMOSWorks does take advantage of the dual core. Here is the information from the KB article:

COSMOSMotion and COSMOSFloWorks do not make use of Dual Processor or Dual Core.

COSMOSworks, on the other hand, does:
- FFEPlus will take advantage of Dual Processor only.
There is a improvement of 15% on using this.

- Direct Sparse solvers will take advantage of both multi Processor and Dual Core system.
There is improvement of 60% for this solver.

What is a Direct Sparse solver??

Thanks yall