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Assigning units to equation result

Question asked by Tom Blough on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by Andrew Troup

Is it possible to assign units to the result of an equation.  I'm able to assign units to constants, and for the most part SolidWorks does a good job of carrying those through to the result, but in a few cases it fails.  Either the wrong units, or no units are assigned to the result.


For example:


"DiametralPitch" = 32    ;units are teeth/in but no way to assign that

"NumTeeth" = 16   ;numteeth is unitless

"PitchAngle" = 360deg / "NumTeeth" = 22.5     ;result should be degrees, but no units assigned

"PitchCircle" = "NumTeeth" / "Diametral Pitch" = 0.5    ;result should be inches but no way to assign that


In the above cases, I can force the correct units to be assigned by multiplying by 1deg or 1in (i.e. = 360deg / "NumTeeth" * 1deg), but that just muddies the equation and will leave someone asking "where did the *1 come from?"


Hence my question.  Is there some way to assign units to the equation result that I'm missing?  If not, how about an enhancement?