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Hole Wizard countersinks do not come from standard

Question asked by Elisabeth Daley on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by Mike Helsinger

Can somebody explain where the initial settings for countersinks on Hole Wizard holes come from?  For instance, if I pick a tapped Helicoil #4-40 hole, under the Options tab, Near Side countersink was initially checked, with a diameter of 0.1973in and and degree of 120.  However, from the Toolbox Settings tool, I can see that the standard Countersink Diameter for a #4-40 Helicoil hole is 0.17.  If I manually change the value when creating a hole, it remembers it if I immediately create another #4-40, but forgets again as soon as I create a different size hole.  Where is Hole Wizard getting these values from, and how can I make it pull values from the standard?  (Bonus question, how do I change the countersink angle, and whether near/far side countersinks are created in the standard?)