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    Reviewing Machine Design and Verifying BOM

    Alex Spurgeon

      Hello All,


      Our company designs and fabricates specialized automated assembly systems for the automotive industry, and we seem to be having a lot of problems with our bills of materials. I'm looking for a way to conduct a design review and catch all of these issues before the BOM is submitted to purchasing. What makes things difficult is that nearly all of our machines are one-off; everything is designed around a part and application.


      Our engineers are tasked with creating the BOM and then submitting it to purchasing, but we often find out at the last minute (during assembly) that the incorrect part was purchased or not purchased at all. Then we have to stop assembly, order the part(s), and have them rushed in overnight (costing us more on shipping). I have been made somewhat responsible for the engineering department, and I want to find a method to review all machine designs and BOMs so that these errors are caught prior to purchasing.


      Anyone have any recommendations or strategies that could help? One thing I've been doing is hiding everything that appears in the BOM and in the assembly, so everything that remains will get a second look. I've found this does help and I'll usually find a couple items that were not ordered, but it doesn't catch everything.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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          Jamil Snead

          What kinds of problems do you encounter? Is it missing parts, wrong part numbers, wrong quantities? I think what will help a lot is to try to include everything in the assembly before generating the BOM. Especially hardware, and then browse through the assembly making parts transparent so you can verify that screws are the correct length.


          Are the engineers generating their BOM that goes to costing from SW? If not then I'd say that they should. I keep an excel BOM for a new product that is constantly changing as the product goes through constant changes in R&D. But before I give anyone a final BOM when it is released to production I generate a brand new BOM in SW and export that to excel, then go back through it and fill out other info like mfr, mfr part number, etc. If you do this, then you should never be missing items in the BOM, unless the engineers are deleting rows. If they are then that is a concern of its own. You may be missing items that are in the BOM but don't have a SW model, like paint or epoxy or loctite. But those things shouldn't be too catastrophic if they aren't discovered until later.