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SW crashing Exporer (preview I think) and mate issues

Question asked by James Buckle on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by Philip Kitchen

We are running 2015 SP1 within W7 and on two individually configured machines. Both are crashing when previews are enabled in explorer and a SW file is highlighted/selected. This didn't happen with 2014. Has there been a change to cause this that's well known? This loses the model being worked on (comes back via auto-save, but that adds other problems!) and is really quite annoying.


Also, to add to this, we are now seeing some very odd mate problems - such as mating two components in some way (nothing repeatable between parts) and it will do the first one or two mates, then refuse to move the part for the final mate despite it not being constrained. I put this down to model inaccuracies (parallel faces and concentrics are the usual problems) but the measure tool reveals that they are parallel/concentric and so there should be no problem.


Very odd, we're having to leave models floating or fix them via some very strange combinations. Or change the order of the mates and it works?!