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Anyone had issues with MSCVP100.dll before?

Question asked by Josh Killalea on Jan 24, 2015

So, earlier this month i installed 2014 SW and EPDM on my windows 8.1 machine. it has been reasonably smooth sailing except for windows explorer having a small fit every now and again then crashing. i have been looking into this a fair bit today and it appears that it is the MSVCP100.dll. i know this is more a windows issue then EPDm, however i have asked the question over at the Windows forums; Windows 8 Explorer Crashing MSVCR100.dll at fault - Microsoft Community . i am yet to get any real help there. i was wondering if anyone here has experienced the issues? or if anyone knows of a fix?


i thought from inital fault finding that it may have been Norton 360, but i have uninstalled that now and am still getting the issue.


i downloaded a newer version of the dll from a free dll files site and when i tried to copy it into the system32 folder i get the message that it is being used by EPDM. i exit EPDM and then it is being used by  windows explorer. well i have no idea how to copy the new file in then....?


i will ring my VAR tomorrow when thy are back at work, but in the mean time any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated, 'cause i am stumped!