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    Update to SW2015

    Rik Harberink

      I currently work on a project in SW2014 and want to update this project to SW2015.

      But I use several parts from a 2014 custom library (ie. purchase parts). I want this to stay in SW2014 so I can use these parts in other projects which stay in SW2014.

      These parts are in a separate folder (..\CAD\libraries\PP 2014\..)

      I copied all these parts to a new 2015 folder (..\CAD\libraries\PP 2015\..)


      How will I update the project with referencing the purchase parts to the new PP 2015 folder?

      If I open the main assy in SW2015 and hit "save", all parts will be updated to SW2015 (also the "PP 2014" parts)


      Grtz. Rik

        • Re: Update to SW2015
          Deepak Gupta

          Your only option is to change the references in the SW2015 assembly files and point them to new location. You can do it from the SOLIDWORKS file open menu (by clicking on references) OR SOLIDWORKS explorer.


          Here is something you can try.

          1. Create another backup copy of SW 2014 library folder and put them in a different location.
          2. Now copy the files from PP 2014 to PP 2015 folder.
          3. Rename the PP 2014 folder to something else (for e.g. PP 2014_OLD).
          4. Add the location of PP 2015 under search paths under Tools > Options > File Location (so that SW will try to find the files under this location).
          5. Now open the files in SW2015 and check if SW is able to find the files from the new location since the old location is no more available.
          6. If all goes well then save you files and rename the PP 2014_OLD to PP 2014.


          But again please keep a backup copy of PP 2014 folder/file or any files which you want to keep as 2014 version.