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Update to SW2015

Question asked by Rik Harberink on Jan 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by Deepak Gupta

I currently work on a project in SW2014 and want to update this project to SW2015.

But I use several parts from a 2014 custom library (ie. purchase parts). I want this to stay in SW2014 so I can use these parts in other projects which stay in SW2014.

These parts are in a separate folder (..\CAD\libraries\PP 2014\..)

I copied all these parts to a new 2015 folder (..\CAD\libraries\PP 2015\..)


How will I update the project with referencing the purchase parts to the new PP 2015 folder?

If I open the main assy in SW2015 and hit "save", all parts will be updated to SW2015 (also the "PP 2014" parts)


Grtz. Rik