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    Surface Thicken

    David Tasker


      I have a surface model that I am unable to thicken? Please Help. I have tried everything that I can think of, but I am relatively new to surfaces.



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          Ingvar Magnusson

          Can you be more specific?


          Are you trying to thicken it 1 mm outwards or something else?


          Many ways as always,

          e.g. if you suppress "Surface-trim9" and "Surface-Trim12" it is possible to thicken it.

          Maybe you can do something more thicken friendly there or do those cuts after thicken.


          See image.


          And if you want to ask about surfaces, it is better to ask those questions in the surface section of the forum Surfacing



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              David Tasker


              Thank you for the help! I am trying to thicken the part by 3 mm to the outside. Is there a particular reason as to why it will not thicken with the 9 and 12 surface trim operations in place?

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                  Ingvar Magnusson



                  Could not thicken it outside in 1mm with the cuts while I was doing it as one surface. Probably because there are edges close together with different curvature, see image. With surface like this (irregular) organic there will be increase in problems for every thickness you are trying to achieve.


                  One thing you can have a look at is offsetting one surface of your model and see How it behaves in the preview with increasing thickness.


                  That´s why it´s best to know in the first place where you are going. Much easier to thicken with small dimensions. When the thickness dimension is increased you will have collisions of the surfaces etc. When you are working with organic surface like this especially when you are modelling it from the beginning it is good to check if you can thicken it to what you intend to sometimes while you are at it. I did not investigate how you made them. SOLIDWORKS is loaded with nice surface features, e.g. how you blend new surface tangent to face etc. Display curvature, zebra stripes. Check command etc. Good to master the surface features  at least know what they are capable of ,so your surfaces will always behave the way you want to.


                  I did not finish it for you

                  but I did it separately so I could include the trims, but. It is thickened to 3mm outside. But you need to have closer look to the one that is not possible to combine with the rest (zero thickness). Have a look at my file with two solid bodies, I hope this helps you a bit in surface modelling.


                  surface curvature.jpg

                  surface curvature 01.jpg