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    sheet metal flange macro

    Marshall Wilson

      Hi. I'm trying to learn the API by looking at the examples in the Help Documentation (and using a book which is of limited usefulness) . I'm doing it to help automate a large repetitive job that is just beginning. To try to learn some Sheet Metal commands, I've been playing a bit with an edge flange example from the help files.


      The API example code (API_SM.swp) works fine, but when I make some minor changes to the sketch profile(MOD_SM.swp), it stops creating the edge flange profile. It seems to create it but then it disappears quickly. The sketch is still there though.


      I've changed some stuff - bend angle, the reverse direction option in the ModelDoc2 command, but still same problem.


      Anyway, I thought I might be able to use this example as a jumping off point to writing some of my own stuff, but this issue has stymied me...