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Adding Assembly with Mobile Part to New Assembly Immobilizes Part

Question asked by John Willett on Jan 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2015 by John Willett

I'm a beginner running SW Premium 2014, trying out some tutorials, and I've run against a problem:  I have an assembly with a "ROD" that deliberately slides in a "GUIDE" (i.e., the rod has only a concentric mate with the guide hole) -- see image below.




When this is inserted as a sub-assembly into a new assembly, either as the first or the second component, the rod no longer slides in the guide.  What's happening?


I think I know that the origin of the sub-assembly, fixed to the guide, when inserted into a new assembly, is supposed to become fixed to the new assembly origin, so the guide should not be able to (and does not) move; but I did not expect this to affect the sliding of the rod through the guide.  I can't see any explicit added mates that would prevent this sliding...


I want the second component (not shown, which becomes mated to plate on the end of the rod) to move with the rod relative to the guide in the new assembly.  Is there a way to accomplish this? -- John Willett