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    Dithering while zooming in/out in drawings

    N. Ritchey

      coming up to 2014 i've noticed something that i have never noticed before. i do not know if this is a new feature of 2014, or if it's related to the hardware i am using (which is objectively the fastest most powerful system i've ever used solidworks with before). i am also working on one of the most complex assembly models that i have ever worked on, so this may also be a factor.


      i am seeing this issue while in drawings where if i zoom in/out of the drawing (using the mouse wheel, typically) the line edges of the drawing will blur as they zoom in. and it sits there with blurred lines for a good 3-5 seconds before rendering the lines in a resolution fit for my zoom


      this makes zooming in and out incredibly time consuming. i am constantly waiting for lines to redraw.


      this has been bugging me for a while but it is still an issue and it is still affecting my productivity. i have never experienced anything like this before. wondering if this is related to "new for 2014", or if it's hardware related, or if maybe this is what i have to put up with while working on a model this big.


      drawing 1: before zooming in

      drawing 2: after zooming in, waiting with the hourglass, unable to zoom or pan

      drawing 3: after waiting a few seconds


      the worst part about this is that while it's rendering those finer lines, it's still reading your mouse inputs. so i'm mouse wheel scrolling and panning but it isn't registering that. then it redraws the lines, THEN it zooms and pans based off my previous inputs, then i'm waiting for it to redraw lines again.

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          Jeff Mirisola

          Run SolidWorks Rx to make sure your video card driver is up to snuff.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            I had a similar issue with sW2014, but for me some Detail Views would be blurry and out of place.  Oddly enough, zooming in or out would fix it (until the next time).  I know that doesn't help, but maybe it's some consolation knowing you aren't the only one.

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              Nayshil Singh

              I am running into a similar problem with my drawing views as well.  I found the option in Tool - Options - Document Properties - Image Quality - Shaded and draft quality HLR/HLV resolution when set Low(faster) improved things for me.  You may also want to adjust the slider for Wireframe and high quality HLR/HLV resolution to low as well depending on if your views are high or draft quality.  The improvements were minor but anything helps.  Another thing you may want to check is if your views are draft quality or high quality.  When in draft quality, not all model information is loaded into memory for performance reasons.  You can turn on/off draft quality views from View - Display - Draft Quality HLR/HLV.  Once a view has been converted to high quality, you cannot change it back to draft quality as this option will be disabled.  If you want to change the view to draft, you will need to re-create the view and set the system option to create draft quality for new views to true in Tools - Options - System Options - Drawings - Display Style (select draft quality near the bottom).  Hope this helps.