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    Shawn Applegate

      We use charted drawings for a lot of ourproduct lines. The drawings are name ABCxx-yyyy. This drawing mightrepresent 100 part numbers.

      The problem is that when our shop goes to search for a drawing,they search by the part number. They don't like having to rememberto search for charted drawings on some of the product lines.

      Is there a way to associate a list of part numbers to a drawing sothat when our shop searches for a part number, they are pointed tothe charted drawing?

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          sudha turpin
          Try using the Virtual Document option or addreferences within PDMWE.  Rt clicking on file you shouldsee these.  After searching for document you can findassociated reference files under the contains tab and where usedtab.

          We use this as our assy drawings are not the same number as our toplevel assy's.  Thus users can search via the top level numberand then see the referenced assy drawing.  This works well fortabulated/charted file names also.

          Search on Virtual Document (.cvd) or references.

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              Shawn Applegate
              Can you elaborate on the Vitual Document? I can't seem to find thisanywhere
              in the help or searching online. We use references quite often,however,
              they won't work for the application I have described.
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                  Shawn Applegate
                  After talking with a co-worker, I think that option might not beenabled on our server.
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                      Tim Turpin

                      I believe the virtual document is specific to PDMWE and does not have to be enabled on the server. Could be wrong though. Here is how we use it:

                      We created a folder to hold all our virtual documents.
                      Inside folder, rt click and select New, Virtual Document.
                      Give document Name and set extension to .cvd
                      Next rename doc to remove one .cvd as .cvd is appended twice for some reason.
                      Next go to referenced doc, rt click and copy.
                      Go back to virtual doc, rt click and paste as reference.
                      Check in virtual doc.

                      Now when searching on virtual doc name or referenced name, clicking on Contains Tab should show the other.

                      Works fine for us. Virtual doc can reference many files.

                      Hope this helps.

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                          Joy Garon
                          Shawn -

                          What version of the software are you using?


                          Tim - How about Beckett?
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                              Shawn Applegate
                              We are using SW 3.1, and PDMWE 7.2 B42. I'll experiment with thevirtual documents today. Thanks a lot for your help.

                              Do I have to make one virtual doc per PN I want attached? Can Isetup a spreadsheet full of the PN's and attach using a method likethis?

                              Also, how does this differ from me creating any kind of file withthe PN name? Couldn't I just create a txt file with the name andattach references the same way?
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                                Tim Turpin



                                Needing some help.  Just got new computer with Windows 7.  I can no longer create virtual documents (.cvd) files.  On XP I do the following steps:


                                Go to appropriate directory, rt click on folder, palce cursor above NEW and then select Virtual Document from flyout, and proceed.  On 7 I no longer have this option.  How do I create my virtual documents (.cvd) files now.  Not everyone has switched to 7, they are still on XP and can create the .cvd files.


                                We are still using EPDM2008 and this works just fine but have found some quirks since I upgraded to Windows 7.


                                Thanks, Tim...