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    No Custom tab in file Properties if created in 2015 (Searching related)

    Steve Lovell

      Hi All


      Heads up for searching issues.


      My VAR has confirmed this is a bug and SW have issued SPR 822723


      The issue is that SW 2015 does not propagate SW custom properties to its windows file properties.

      If you look at a SW 2014 files properties in windows explorer you will find a custom tab were you will see your SW custom properties,

      this is no longer the case with SW 2015.

      This is important as SW uses these windows properties when searching from within SW.

      We have a custom property called "Database number" which we can then search on as our file name is not the database number.


      Is there a way of batch processing SW 2015 files to propagate files via the API this would solve my issue until or if SW fix this issue.


      Many thanks.



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          Keith Rice

          This bug isn't due to a mis-toggled setting that can be switched with the API, it is due to the file itself being more "closed" than it should be (at least that is my suspicion). SolidWorks Corp is the only one that can "open" the file to make its custom properties viewable in Windows Explorer.


          The workaround, I imagine, would be to search for the these database numbers within your PDM system. If you don't have a PDM system, or one that can't view SolidWorks custom properties or use them as a search criterion, then you're only resort would be to write your own mini-PDM system using the Document Manager to search for models in a given directory according to a specified custom property. If you need to go that route, visit my site below. I can offer very fast turn around.



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