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    Edit Datacards While Offline

    Clyde Gibson

      I have a user that wants to take a EPDM laptop home and work offline, but whenever you go off line you can no longer edit the datacards. Is there a way to do this?


      Note: I could not find my same problem in the forums before so if this was already asked please point me to it.

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          Marco Mintchev


          I am quite new to EPDM so I'm not sure this is going to work on your side.

          I could do something to a SW part which resulted in changed data card. I opened the part in SolidWorks in offline mode. In File>Properties I change the custom properties and saved the file. When I got back online I saw the new data in the card. There are several ways of changing custom properties to multiple SW files so you should be able to do this to a bunch of files.

          I don't know however how this could be done to Word or AutoCAD file for example.


          Hope this helps.



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              Clyde Gibson

              Our solidworks drawings would not work in this fashion as we do not use custom properties in them (Multi-part, multi-sheet is not compatable with current solidworks properties). I have my Autocad files working correctly and have it tied to the titleblock. We do not use word documents for anything that needs a card. My user is calling our VAR but with most of our issues they usually say it is not possible, then I come on the forums and find out it is possible.

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              Clyde Gibson

              It looks like that this cannot work because the data cards and the search tool are tied to the database not the files. I guess we will have to get it working over our FTP site.