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filling part/creating cavity

Question asked by Mike Young on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2015 by Jesse Robbers

Hello All,


what I am looking to do is take the attached part file and create a nest/cavity from it. I have been trying to read through some surfacing and molding tutorials and just can't quit get it. I am hoping this is fairly simple and somebody could assist me or point me in the right direction. Screen shots below - part file attached. I typically do PCB/bed of nails fixture design and other fixture of flat parts - thank you for any and all assistance


here is the "part"



this is what I end up with if I try the cavity tool as is (I don't think anyone will be surprised here)



this is how the setup is - I am looking to remove this lower piece from the "block" so it will fit snug. This is where my basic understanding is that I need to fill the empty cavity of the "part" - I am not sure if this really falls under molds or more of a surface operation.