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Trouble Completeing Flex Feature.

Question asked by Mike Esposito on Jan 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2015 by Jeff Mirisola

Hi, guys - I'm hoping one of you experts can help me. I draw parts for Outdoor Lighting fixtures, have done some fancy scrolled extrude cut and extrude boss parts, with  patterning, etc.


But now I'm tasked with drawing a large (about 14" wide) Bronze Eagle, with his curved wings spread. They need me to draw it so a Mold pattern can be made from the drawing.

It has 3 layers of feathers on both surfaces of each wing. - I did one layer, on one side, extruding from original surface, to keep it a "part"

Then I figured before I get too far, I better try to "flex" (curve) the wing.


Set all the parameters, and click the check mark - And my computer just runs forever. Blue circle of "wait", FOREVER. (Well, 15-20 min., before I closed Solidworks and went back)

Tried this 3 times.

Only strange thing, was when I clicked the part for the top box (part to be flexed), instead of "Eagle Wing", it said "Chamfer"

I did do a number of chamfers, on each "feather" for the row that I completed.   But the part name is "Eagle Wing 4-Assem."


I tried to bend part of the wing, moving the "Plane 2"  2.65in to the left, and bending the rest of it to a radius of 5 in.


Maybe one of you can try to use the "bending" feature of Flex?