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    Multi-sheet linking sheet names

    Stephen King


      What I've been trying to do is to create a multi-sheet drawing template and use $PRP:"SW-SHEET (SHEET NAME)"

      So, on my first sheet, I add the custom property $PRP:"SW-SHEET and position it on the sheet where I want it.

      Next, I go and rename my first tab "say.. I rename it BOM. Then save the template and the format. and close.

      Next, I open up that template, then click the tab new sheet, and open up that template, when I rename that sheet "say.. section view

      section view does not populate the drawing. if I create a text and link it, it will show section view.

      It loses its link, when I add sheet. I have to recreate it for each sheet.1.JPG

      2.JPG3.JPGit should say Sheet 10

      Plan of Die and Plan of Punch, I had to recreate. The problems is... I need about 25 sheets names per sheet size.

      E,D,C,B,A and a few custom sheets

      I would rather, have the sheet name populate as needed. Rather than create a multi-sheet template manually.