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Weight in title block showing blank but BOM shows individual weights

Question asked by Dave Krum on Jan 22, 2015
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Good morning All,

I have a question regarding the total assembly weight not being carried over on an assembly drawing.  I have 3 parts per assembly and there are two assemblies and one new part which I've brought all together to make a new larger assembly.  I have the weights for each set under properties within the individual parts, then on the assemblies and this drawing as well.  As you can see on capture1 and capture3, the weights are properly showing in the BOM (see attached which shows column property set to weight), but the weight in the title block still shows blank.  In capture2 you can see what the weight field in title block is set for and this same field works on all other drawings (most of them though only have one assembly and this one has two).  One last thing, the mass properties properly show the overall weight from within the assembly itself (see capture4) which agrees with the total of the individual parts shown in the BOM. Thanks in advance for any input!