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    Reorder BOM item numbers

    Sid Humphreys



      I have created a BOM for my exploded view.  I had to delete a row for some inserts that were insert molded that showed up as separate items in my BOM.  I want to have SW reorder my item numbers so that the BOM does not start at 2.  I want the BOM table to reorder starting at 1.


      Thanks all.



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          Glenn Schroeder

          Hello Sid,


          If you haven't saved since you deleted the row you can click the Undo button to bring it back, then drag it to the bottom.  Then delete the row, or better yet, Hide it instead.  That way you can get it back if you need it.  If it's too late to bring it back, try clicking on the option for "Follow Assembly order".  Assuming the deleted row wasn't the first item inserted into the assembly, that will move the skipped number further down in the BOM.  Then you can un-check that and drag the rest of the rows above it.  In the future I'd suggest moving a row to the bottom first, then hide it.  Or better yet, open the assembly, right-click on the component in the tree, choose the "Component Properties..." icon, and check the box at bottom right for "Exclude from bill of materials."


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            Sid Humphreys

            That works Glenn.  Thank you sir.