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How to link a text property to another text property?

Question asked by Daniel Plucinski on Jan 21, 2015
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I'm working in an assembly that has a generic cuboid that represents various surface materials such as HDPE, Steel sheets, corrugated plastic, etc. etc. I want to have a property in the assembly for the cuboid's material linked to the cuboid's description property. I already have a number representing the material's thickness, but text variables don't seem to work.


I have global properties "Surface Thickness" and "Surface Material" within the assembly and configuration-specific property "Description" within the cuboid part.


Surface Material(Text) = HDPE

Evaluates to = HDPE

Surface Thickness(Number) = .25in

Evaluates to = 1/4"

Description(Text) = "Surface Thickness@Assembly.Assembly" "Surface Material@Assembly.Assembly"

Evaluates to = 1/4" "Surface Material@Assembly.Assembly"


I want it to evaluate to = 1/4" HDPE


What do I need to do to make this work?




Selected answer is correct, however in my specific situation, $PRPSHEET is what is needed.