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    Importing electrical enclosure Issues

    Rod Carroll

      I use electrical enclosures from Saginaw Controls.  They provide .stp, .igs, and ._xt translations, but none seem to provide a usable SolidWorks model.  I have the same problems with files from Hoffman and Hammond.  Does anyone have a good technique for dealing with these issues.  The files import, but SolidWorks import diagnostics is unable to repair to a usable solid, just surfaces, and I can't put holes in surfaces.

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          Anthony Bear

          We occasionally have the same issue from Saginaw Controls.  Also, they may come in just fine at first, but after a while they become corrupted and the mates break and reattach in various odd ways, not at all where they should be. 

          We've found the only way to fix this issue is to completely delete the unstable/corrupted box solid model, and recreate from a new download of the original box.  It's a huge pain in the backside, let me tell you what!
          There have also been a couple of instances where your second issue, putting holes in the box, have reared their ugly head as well.  I personally found that this was because it imported as a surface model.  I had to recreate the box part by part as a solid model before I could put holes in it.  Again, a huge pain in the backside!

          Sorry I can't help with some sort of actual fix, but I'm guessing it's an issue for Saginaw and the other companies to fix.  Then again, it may be a lousy way of having people keep coming back to their sites.  I prefer going back to a site because it has good stable models, not crappy ones I need to keep getting again and again!


          Best of luck!


          A. Bear