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Faulting module: EdmInterface.dll

Question asked by Curtis Watson on Jan 20, 2015
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Hey all,


We've developed an in-house solution to automatically generate all drawings for a given assembly by part number - i.e. provide a part number, system analyses the BOM, finds associated drawing files, loads them into SolidWorks and exports them to a PDF on the network for the ERP system to consume.


This system executes within a server environment and accepts requests through a IIS web service.


We are experiencing intermittent errors which are causing problems and we are having some trouble narrowing down the cause. From the logging throughout the system we developed, I have confirmed the following sequence of events:


1) Request is received on the web service.

2) An attempt to instantiate an instance of SolidWorks is attempted (we confirm there is not one already open before attempting this).

3) An application error is experienced (confirmed via. Windows Event Viewer - see attachment for screenshot of details).

4) A Windows Error Reporting event is wrote (confirmed via. Windows Event Viewer - see attachment for screenshot of details).


The issue must have something to do with the opening of SolidWorks as that is the last log that is wrote from our system; please note in the majority of cases (85% of the time) we experience no issues.


Core question - is there any logging provided by the SolidWorks API or associated components? I have these events noting that w3wp.exe crashed due to a faulting module EdmInterface.dll. Is there anywhere I can find why the EdmInterface.dll module has failed? Have I made an invalid API call, passed an invalid parameter, etc.?


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!




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