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Calling a Cutlist Body Description in Part Custom Properties

Question asked by Devon Lybbert on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by Devon Lybbert

Here is what I am trying to do:

When I need to put a single structural member into an assembly, I make a part, draw a line, and add a single structural member. For reason's I will not go into, I don't (and won't) use toolbox structural parts. When this part is called out in the assembly BOM (not a cutlist), I want a custom property to reference the "Description" of the cut-list part (Cut-List-Item1). This obviously needs to be parametric.


I have seen a lot of responses to this question to the tune of macro's, over-writing the bom manually and using notes in parts. I want to be really specific so we don't go down any of these routes.


I am wondering if anybody knows the call-out to use directly in the part custom properties that will reference the description for Cut-List-Item1. I assume it will look something like this:

where the output would be the spec of the structural member (i.e. TS3x3x0.1875). This description is already in the Cut-List-Item1 properties (as shown below):

Any takers?


If I find the solution, I will be sure to post it (since I know that there are a lot people with this same issue).