Keith Rice

VSTA macro DLLs: is anyone using them in production?

Discussion created by Keith Rice on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by Bill Florac

For years now I have been recommending that SolidWorks users not create VSTA macros for serious use in their production environment. Running a VSTA macro from the VSTA is fine, but running the macro from the DLL has historically given me and many other users problems. For example, here's a couple of the errors I've received either on my computer or on other users' computers. Particularly the latter.


Cannot open DLL:

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications has encountered an error. The primary host process unexpectedly shutdown.


A few others have documented their experience here:

Re: Running SW VSTA VB Macro from outside debugger


Is there anyone here who is using VSTA macro DLLs successfully on other users' computers?



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