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    Autorecovered file fails to save

    Tim Mrazek

      I have a person that is having issues with autorecovered documents not saving int he vault after a solidworks crash. This user was having issues with their solidworks crashing and they would get the message "Saving this autorecovered document will replace the original file". He hits "OK", then it says the file failed to save. They had the file already checked out from edits before the crash.


      Solidworks 2014 SP1

      EPDM 2014 SP5

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          Feroz Mahomed



          I had the same problem some time back. I saved the auto-recovered file with a new name in another folder and then renamed it back to the original name.

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              Rick Lacouture

              Hi Tim,

              But you lose all of the history doing that, I want to to know if there is an option to save the auto-recovered file back into the vault as the original file to maintain the history/versions/revisions.


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                  Chad Fehr

                  I hate SW auto-recovery.  I actually delete the files due to having this "fail to save" error.  What's the point of auto-recovery if it doesn't save or overwrite the file.  It has been happening to me for years at two different companies.  I rely on my history of the last released revision.  If it's a working file, yes, then your history is wiped if you save it outside your working folder.  I have a habit of hitting that save button more times than I need

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                Solid Air

                Granted auto recovery has many issues.  Just to build on what Feroz Mahomed stated.  If the auto recovered file opens without issue, close the file then in the auto-recovery folder rename the file back to its original name.  Now move or copy this file back into the vault; this way you do not lose history/versions/revisions.  I also recommend deleting all files out of the auto-recovery folder after this procedure.