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    how to pin recent documents to the top menu bar?

    Nick Kerslake

      Good morning everybody!


      What I'm trying to work out here seems kinda basic, however I haven't been able to find the solution via Google / SW forums yet.


      On the top menu bar you have the new document icon, then the open icon followed by the save icon and so on. Most of them have a little arrow next to them to access a drop down menu. the drop down options for the 'open' icon are: Open, Browse Recent Documents and Browse Open Documents.

      I am using the 'Browse Recent Documents' option forever in a day.


      So my Question is: Can I pin 'Browse Recent Documents' directly to the menu bar so that it's one click away?   As opposed to having to click the drop down then choose it from a list.


      I have 'make drawing from part/ assembly' and 'make assembly from part/ assembly' pinned up there which is very handy however this 'browse recent documents' would be the bee's knee's!


      Thank You in advance to the wise contributors of this Forum