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Photoview problem with Modo appearances while scheduled rendering

Question asked by Nick Rupprecht on Jan 19, 2015



     I am using appearances from the Modo/luxology community (called Modo assets) in Solidworks 2013 and have successfully rendered the image in the traditional way. Yet, when I try and perform a scheduled render, these appearances bug out and will randomly render out in different colors...sometimes even with the correct appearance!...but that only happens once in a blue moon. I'm trying to decipher the madness...with no luck so far.


The error I see:


Things I have tried:

     - Running the scheduled render with the solidworks program open and closed.

     - Choosing alternate Modo appearances.

     - Changing render settings (AA samples and such)

     - Changing scene backgrounds

     - Restarting my comp


Your help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!