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Invalid argument with folder creation 2015 SP1.1

Question asked by Stephen Copeland on Jan 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by Stephen Copeland

It starta with grouping features to folders, then it comes up virtually every click and crashes SOLIDWORKS. I have raised the issue a second time with tech support. What seems to clear it is a resetting the registry to the SOLIDWORKS folder in HKCU . You then must not use the copy setting wiz to update all you settings, but enter them all manually. I did this and it seemed to be fine, but after a small time it came back. I seem to have my monitors glitching  like mad on startup to SOLIDWORKS , and also when using the photoview360 plugin. I have done a clean uninstall, have the right graphics card, but the one for 2014 seems much better, although I havnt tested it yet because the VAR says SWx will not do anything about it unless you have the correct graphics driver in. Currently on sw 2015 sp1.1 . Will see what tech support say on Monday. Also as soon as you create a new user account the problem clears, registry issue.? At the moment I'm tempter to go back to to sw 2014 sp5 and see if the issues are with nvida graphics cards On this certified driver for 2015.


Has has anyone encountered this in 2015 sp1.1? It's annoying as the it doesn't do it on the tech support machines.

Im using nvidia 4100 graphics card, in a dell m6800, 32Gb ram, on a docking station linked to 2 dell 24 monitors. I have the correct certified driver for 2015.


I Think the next step will be to delete the user account that it's effecting uninstall and reinstall again.


Anyone any ideas?