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Question asked by Steven Bennett on Jan 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by Jeff Holliday

I upgraded to a new mobile workstation (Dell M6800, and loving it) it came with Windows 8.1 and im using Solidworks 2015 SP1, although i have the same problem with SW 2014 on the new machine.


Usually when i create a part, and save it, I have 3 options: File name (which i use as the Drawing number) File type (part, template, ect) and "Description" (which I use as the description of the part, then link it to the assembly drawings and individual drawing)


Now the "description" box is missing from the "save as dialog box", its very critical because I use the file (part) Description in the design tree to easily locate parts in assemblies, and its linked to a note on my drawing templates in order to automatically appear on each drawing.


Does anyone know how I can get the description box back? or any alternative will be greatly appreciated. (Manually inserting descriptions on each individual drawing is not an option)


Thank You Very Much

Steven Bennett