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Hi Guys!

Question asked by Morik Rauch on Jan 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by VENKATESH S.

My name is Morik, I am a student and have project using SolidWorks.

I have a few questions and was woundering if anyone could help me.

My project is a pot with extractable handles on each side.

I thought of making the pot with a rectangular shaped shaft on the side so the handle can be slid into it.

Similar to a box of matches. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Another question: What should the minimum difference in size be between the shaft and the handle so the transtion betwwen the two states is smooth? What should the tolarance be in your opinion?

Thank you very much!

This project is very important and any help you can give is great!!

Have a good week,