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Surface Loft Issue--Need to cut, but getting Zero Thickness Error

Question asked by Sean Bolkhonsky on Jan 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2015 by Sean Bolkhonsky

Hi There,


I'm having an odd problem that I've been stuck on for quite a few hours.


In the attached part, I need to remove the curved dovetail material from the ridge (Surface modeled-- outlined in blue in the image). I've tried loft cutting it, surface stitching and removing the material through the combine feature, and even extruding the rail down to the surface. Nothing is working. With some methods I get a "model geometry is invalid" error, with others I get the "zero Thickness" error.


There is a matching part with a male dovetail that I was able to get by using two solid bodies, but I don't have that option since this is a cut.


At this point I have no preferred method, I just need it to get done. Can anyone suggest an alternative method, or a way to fix any of these errors?


Thanks. I've attached the part.