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Can I use the old edrawimgs with SWX 2015?

Question asked by James Pare on Jan 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2015 by Chinloo Lama

The latest release of edrawings is terrible!

Is there anyway of upgrading to SWX 2015 & not use 2015 edrawings


Here's my latest list of complaints


The measure command only works once?

Once you use the icon & close it doesn’t work again

As previously mentioned, the HLR issue is still there (hide & show a part you lose the HLR edges)

The component tree does not match SWX

Selection from graphics area is almost impossible

Selecting from graphics area does not highlight component ion the tree

Can’t easily close down a drawing & open another one

Sub assembly names are not going thru? 50/50

Not all subassemblies can be drilled down into?

Can’t measure & keep the component view open?

Measure turns of the mark up box?

Configuration tab is hidden, shouldn’t carry over screen graphics aka colours


Sure new interface, but nothing works anymore?


I dare anyone to tell me this was an improvement