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SolidWorks 2015 losing and incorrect references

Question asked by Clayton Rowley on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2015 by Romeo Graham

Myself and a fellow colleague at work are having the following problems with SolidWorks. I can copy files and open them and what's described below happens, other colleagues open the same files on the network and they work correctly.


Both of us are having the following issues as of lately.


Randomly when we open parts/assemblies/drawings we get the following pop ups, "internal id does not match" (part within the assembly has not been opened or changed), "do you want to open the last auto-recovered version of this file" (SW has not crashed, from what I've read this means SW is not sure about the references, I turned auto-recover off now - not sure yet if it helped this pop up or not), "resolve ambiguity" when opening drawings, and the biggest problem I copy (all 3 files plus drawings to a new folder) Assy A, which is made up from Part B & Part C. I go the new folder and click Assy A, and check references, it shows both part files referenced to the new folder. I open the assembly and then check component properties and one or both of the parts are referenced to the old, original folder, not the new folder like it showed in references before opening the assembly.


Now that we see a pattern, I can go in and "replace" the file with correct file/location and everything is ok. Until the files are copied again, then it does the above again.


If I copy the files using pack and go, the files open and reference correctly. Sometimes we only copy one part A to another folder, not an entire assembly. If I go to open an assembly to change references to this new part, now I can't trust them.


This may seem like a simple solution, however we copy files from one project (folder) to another daily. We check references, but the references aren't correct and cannot be trusted. If I copy these files and open the above happens, do not save then have another colleague that doesn't have this problem opens them and it works as it should. We also have VB macro/programs that change SW part and assemblies so it isn't as easy as always using pack and go.


I wanted to make sure that everyone doesn't answer use pack and go, because this problem is much bigger.


There are a couple files this keeps replicating in, but in general this only happens randomly and off and on. And only on two users computers. We have compared settings and everything we can think of. We are lost.


Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. Clayton